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My journey started out a little different to most peoples, before starting my fitness journey I started out with completing my LLB Law degree at the University of Pretoria, and qualified as an Attorney. My love for fitness started when I started to do weight training at 21, I have never been an overweight person, but I had no real muscle mass and I was really skinny. My body image wasn’t healthy and once I started to take training more seriously my body went from being tired and skinny to fit, healthy and strong.

As a coach I am a believer in having the correct mindset consistency and self-discipline, your view on training and nutrition is really important to transform your body and shape. I aspire to help females and empower them to live a healthy balanced lifestyle and to learn to love the process of change. I love training and fuelling my body with nutritious food to keep up with life’s challenges. Start with taking the first step with a goal of continuous personal growth and development. Let me help you reach your fitness and health goals.